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Life Readings

To request a Life Reading please contact Matthew Lewin by going to the contact section of the website. At this stage please let me have your name, full postal address (important for forwarding the CD of the reading) and the focus you would like the reading to take.
Once the purpose of the reading has been agreed with me, and any questions that you would like to ask have been confirmed, please follow the Paypal procedure for payment of the current fee of £55.00
Having received payment, I will conduct the reading with my guides which will be recorded digitally. 
I will then convert the recording to MP3 format, copy it to a CD and send it to your postal address. Please be sure to send me your full current postal address in your contact email.
If you have any questions about the above then please click here to email me with your query.
Some comments from people who have recently had readings:
"Many many thanks, what you relayed to me is most valuable, insightful and calming. It is reassuring to know I've been an Atlantean and have now come across another; Atlantis has always fascinated me and now I have confirmation about why"  P.D.H. Texas USA
"I know exactly what I must do now and how to take the steps required, so thank you very much.  It has now given me so much more confidence, after having to work on the solitary pathway for so long" 
L.C. Chichester UK
“At first I was disappointed after the initial listening as to the contents of the reading. My impressions were that the reading was rather brief and very vague. I decided to listen again, and have realised that the entire reading was in fact totally relevant to me and my life experiences” B.R. NSW Australia